The Low-Down

Alright, lovelies.

So I kind of explained it in my first blog post but my blog site will be focused on SELF-LOVE and HEALTH. Both mental and physical. I will discuss different things that effect us mentally and then I will give advice on physical health, emphasized with fitness.

Every Little Bit with Emmaline is an open space for community, communication, and camaraderie. I want you to connect with each other and myself. I want us to grow together as human beings. Life is damn tough sometimes but I have found that the only way to really get through it, is to have people by your side and to be fully confident in yourself.

I’m still on my personal journey of self-confidence so I will be right there along with you all. If you every have ANY questions at all. Or just want to talk. Or want to send me pictures of your cute pets (no dick pics, plz) then feel free to reach out to me! You can find me on my Instagram or you can email me at

This is such a big step for me on my path to wherever and I’m elated to share it with you. Let’s see how far we can take this self-love movement. Here’s to loving #everylittlebit of ourselves. ❤

With love,